• For mechanical watches, making it transparent makes it easier to appreciate the micro-mechanical world inside the watch. Therefore, sapphire transparent watches are quite popular these years. But to be honest, many sapphire watches will feel "plastic" if they are not careful. But today ELDERMET wants to share with you Replica Hublot MP-07 SAPPHIRE 40 DAYS POWER RESERVE Watch.
  • The first time I saw a watch, what reminded me was not a watch, but a transparent car that appeared at a Chinese auto show in 2016. Maybe some friends have already seen that this is a Hublot watch, and only Hublot's wrist supercar makes people so shocking. However, compared to this watch, the more familiar Hublot supercar may be the MP-05 LaFerrari.
  • In 2013, to pay tribute to Ferrari's special limited series of sports cars, the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watch debuted for the first time, demonstrating its unique ultra-complex watchmaking technology. This Replica MP-07 40-day dynamic storage sapphire Watch can be said to be a variant of MP-05 LaFerrari. They use the same technical points. The MP-05 LaFerrari watch has a dynamic storage of up to 50 days, 11 barrels inside, and 637 movement parts. Purchase link hublot-c-1077.html
  • In contrast, this Transparent Hublot MP-07 watch is relatively simple. It has an ultra-long power reserve of 40 days or 960 hours, is equipped with 9 tandem barrels, and the movement has 487 parts. We can see that the 9 barrels are arranged in rows and connected to each other like a spine, which will not affect each other in turn while supporting each other. It is worth mentioning that this watch not only has 9 barrels, but each barrel of it is larger than the ordinary one. In fact, each barrel of the MP-07 40 sapphire watch is provided with The power is almost twice that of an ordinary barrel.
  • Because most of the space is occupied by the barrel, the space left for time display is relatively small. Transparent Hublot concentrates the time display and dynamic storage display in the lower half of the watch. The lower left corner is the hour and minute, and the lower right corner is the dynamic reserve display. The second display is located in the upper right corner, on the same axis as the barrel. Transparent Hublot is so cool, legibility is of course not its specialty, but it is not impossible to read. On the surface, there are text marks for hours, minutes, seconds and dynamic storage, but because it is in white font, it is easy to be ignored. I mean, if you really want to use this watch to see the time, you can.
  • The Transparent Hublot MP-07 replica watch is also equipped with the iconic vertical tourbillon, which is mounted on the same axis as 9 tandem barrels. You can clearly appreciate this cool one-minute tourbillon from the right side of the watch. We can see from the side that the watch is very thick, in fact, it is 24 mm thick.
  • This thickness is almost half the diameter of the MP-07 watch, which has a diameter of 51 mm. Unlike the familiar MP-05 LaFerrari, the MP-07 case is square, which looks more sci-fi and futuristic. No matter from which angle you look at this watch, you can be amazed by it.
  • Initially, the MP-07 hublot replica watch was completely black, the inner movement was also plated with black coating, and the case was a black-plated titanium case, but this made it look huge and bulky. Later it was replaced with a transparent sapphire case, but the movement was still a black-plated version. Today we see that this is actually a special edition launched two years ago, with a silver movement and a transparent case, which is more mechanical and futuristic.
  • This Transparent Hublot MP-07 replica watch is undoubtedly the one with the most visual impact. Findreplicawatches and many classic watches have transparent models, such as MP-05, Spirit, Big Bang Unico and other transparent sapphire watches.